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With mediAvatar RMVB Converter, you can easily convert RM, RA,...

With mediAvatar RMVB Converter, you can easily convert RM, RA, RAM, RMVB formats to other mainstream video formats including AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, 3GP, etc.

Moreover, the multifunctional RMVB converter can extract AAC, MP3, WAV and such audio formats from RM, RA, RAM, RMVB videos, and create video from static photos in BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF formats.

Key features:1. If you have a large number of conversion requirements, then batch process and multithreading will help you simplify the video conversion greatly.

2. Abundant parameters like video size, video quality, audio quality and channel can be adjusted to meet your specific need. 3. If you need different output files from the same file, the RMVB converter gives you the ability of adding various output formats to the same one and converting them in a single click.

4. mediAvatar RMVB Converter helps you get exact file size with the built-in Bitrate Calculator tool. 5. By setting the start time and duration in the advanced settings, you can get any video segment effortlessly.

6. Customize split file size or time or choose the offered split size before converting, then the RMVB converter will automatically split the file into several ones in specified size or time.

7. When previewing source video file, you can extract your beloved picture from video file and save as BMP format. 8. When you have other emergent task, just let this RM converter run in background to save more resources.

mediAvatar RMVB Converter


mediAvatar RMVB Converter 3

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